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While on YouTube her viewers know her by ‘TheBeautyWithinYou’, in real life her friends and family know her as Jordan Anne!

What’s Her Channel All About?

While her channel isn’t limited to beauty, Jordan uploads a variety of videos ranging from hairstyles, to make-up application, as well as lifestyle videos, which give her viewers an insight to how she deals with certain things in life.
Jordan has been a part of the growing YouTube Community since 2012. Since she has become a part of the community she has managed to reach over 75,000 subscribers along with nearly 4,800,000 viewers.
Jordan is a self-taught make-up and hair guru. While she has a passion for hair, make-up and other forms of beauty, she has a strong passion for film editing, which contributes to providing high quality information.
Jordan’s most viewed YouTube video is her video in which she explains to her viewers how they should apply coconut oil in order to help keep healthy hair healthy, as well as repairing the hair which is damaged. She goes into depth explaining why coconut oil is healthy for your hair as well as how it can contribute to hair growth.