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The Styles Meiouw Youtube Hair Tutorials
On YouTube she is known as ‘TheStylesMeow’, although in real life she is known as Kaylee!

What’s Kaylee’s Channel About?

While Kaylee has chosen to focus her channel on creative fashion and inspiration, she also touches on hairstyles and sometimes hair advice for her viewers.
Kaylee joined the YouTube community back in 2010. Since she chose to join and contribute to the community, she has gained over 61,000 subscribers as well as reaching over 4,130,000 video views.
Posting between 1 and 2 videos a week, Kaylee focuses her videos on inspiring her viewers to appreciate their beauty as well as showing them how to dress well. A few of her videos focus in on some fast hairstyle tutorials, showing her viewers a variety of ways in which they can get their hair looking beautiful without too much hassle.