Toji Hair Vitamin Reviews and Before & Afters -

Toji Hair Vitamin Reviews and Before & Afters

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Last updated: Feb 19, 2020

Around $25 for 60 tablets

What it is

Toji Pure Density Hair Regrowth Supplement
Toji’s hair vitamin supplements are intended to support the growth of healthy and thicker hair, while promoting fast hair growth.

How it works

The supplement includes biotin and other ingredients which the nutritional support required for health hair growth, along with a variety of natural ingredients which promote healthier circulatory support.

Reasons for choosing it

  • Contains a good array of B vitamins and antioxidant vitamins for supporting healthy hair and skin
  • Contains iodine from kelp to help support healthy thyroid function
  • Contains saw palmetto to naturally reduce 5 alpha reductase and therefore prevent the conversion of testosterone into the hair killing DHT
  • Contains Cysteine — the largest constituent amino acid in hair keratin
  • Contain ginkgo biloba, which may help carry nutrients to the hair by improving blood flow to the skin
  • Contains grape seed extract, which may be a good source of antioxidants (depending on which part of the grape is used)
  • Inositol helps reduce symptoms of PCOS and anxiety
  • Contains stinging nettle, which may help reduce DHT


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