Top 5 Benefits of Quercetin -

Top 5 Benefits of Quercetin

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Last updated: Feb 19, 2020

Onions source of quercitin
Quercetin is a flavonoid – a compound that naturally occurs in many fruits and vegetables. It is of particular interest due to the positive effects it has on human health. It can act as a natural anti-inflammatory, it has anti cancerous properties and has many more benefits. To give you some context, one large red apple contains around 10mg of Quercetin.
Quercetin is believed to significantly reduce the risk of heart diseased, simply by eating onions (BBC, 2007). This really does reinforce the importance of having five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day.
Let’s take a look at the top five benefits of quercetin.

1. Reduces the risk of cancer

Quercetin has many heath benefits. The top of this list is the anti-cancerous properties that are present in Quercetin. This is largely achieved by eating fruit and vegetables as opposed to supplements. This can be achieved by having a healthier lifestyle and eating oods that are high in Quercetin, such as Apples, citrus fruits, onions and parsley.

2. Can help with arthritis

Quercetin is well known as a natural ianti-nflammatory which means that it can really help with conditions such as prostatitis and rheumatoid arthritis. This is actually one reason why those suffering from such conditions are recommended a diet of uncooked vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts.(3)

3. Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease

Not only does Quercetin lower your blood pressure but also your risk in contracting heart disease which is one of the biggest killers, certainly for men. If Quercetin is taken as part of a healthy lifestyle there is is evidence that it can provide protection from this potentially fatal heart disease.(5)

4. Can treat Fibromyalgia

There is no known curable treatment yet for this painful and unavoidable condition. But there is continuing research in finding new methods of treatment for this condition. Quercetin has been known to offer some relief from this chronic condition due to its anti inflammatory properties (US National LIbrary of Medicine National Institutes of Health). It can also be combined with other treatments.

5. It has anti-viral properties

There has been research more recently into the anti-viral properties of Quercetin. It has been known that it can help fight off numerous viral infections. There has been recent research that has even found that it can even have an effect on HIV. Where it was recently discovered that it can inhibit the replication of the HIV-1 virus. Although far from a cure this really does demonstrate its antiviral properties. Not forgetting it’s a natural approach to the condition.

So get some quercetin in your diet

Quercetin has many benefits. We are being encouraged more and more to lead a healthy lifestyle. Although it can be taken as a supplement the natural option is a far better choice. This is not only going to be a far more appealing option but you’ll get the additional benefits such as vitamin C. This could further enhance the positive effects. Many take Quercetin in supplemental form as an athletic enhancement, which of course going beyond the scope of the health benefits of Quercetin.