Top 5 Ways to Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

High blood pressure, often referred to as hypertension can present many serious problems. Drugs are often prescribed that can bring blood pressure down. Although this is the most common method of bringing down blood pressure there are also many natural methods. By taking some simple effective lifestyle choices you can lower your blood pressure and improve your health considerably. Your blood pressure is of course linked to your general health and well being.

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker you’re probably already aware of the health risks. Although smoking doesn’t cause a major increase in blood pressure, your blood pressure does increase temporarily after smoking. By giving up smoking you are not simply just taking away a contributor of high blood pressure but also reducing your risk of cancer.
Smoking also significantly restricts blood flow to your body’s extremities. See Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Eat More Healthily

Healthy food
Adopting a healthier diet is a common piece of advice. But this is also another great way to reduce blood pressure. Research has shown that foods that are low in saturated fat and that bad cholesterol can really help lower blood pressure. Some great foods include fruits and vegetables as well as poultry and of course that other great healthy food, fish.
Two great ways to improve your health are drinking organic green drinks and consuming organic cold-pressed omega 3 oil. Check those products out — they are extremely good for you.

Physical Exercise

Exercise is great for all round body well being. It can help with a number of medical problems and this includes helping to treat high blood pressure. It can also help people whom have normal blood pressure too. When physical exercise is combined with a more healthy diet it can be even more effective, reducing blood pressure even further and giving your a much needed health boost.

Stress Reduction

It’s well known that stress can be a major cause of an increase in blood pressure. There are many ways of treating stress. One of the most effective is a relaxation technique such as transcendental meditation. This can really have a positive impact on induced blood pressure often caused by stress.
There are some great ways of reducing stress explained in Can Depression Cause Hair Loss and Is Anxiety Causing Your Hair Loss?

Weight Loss

Many studies have shown a link between high blood pressure and those who are overweight. Part of this is the fact that those that are deemed to be overweight usually have a higher intake of high calorie foods or, with food with a high fat content or with ‘bad’ cholesterol. These of course are all major contributors to high blood pressure in themselves. Of course as a person makes that effort to reduce weight, so will the effects of high blood pressure be reduced. The health benefits of weight loss are of course for reaching.