TRX2 Hair Growth Supplement Reviews -

TRX2 Hair Growth Supplement Reviews

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Last updated: Feb 19, 2020

Around $75 for 90 tablets

What it is

TRX2 powerful hair growth supplement
These supplements specifically target hair growth and hair molecules. On top of promoting hair growth, the supplement additionally supports the reduction of hair loss.

How it works

The supplement contains zinc, selenium, and biotin, all of which contribute to the growth and maintenance of healthy hair.

Reasons for choosing it

  • TRX2 is the only hair loss supplement known to use the innovative method of combining L-Carnitine, niacin and potassium to improve the function of the potassium ion channels in the hair.
  • The niacin helps effectively deliver the ingredients to the hair
  • Zinc, magnesium, biotin and selenium are all key supporting nutrients required for healthy hair growth


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