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Ultra Voluminous Hair Blowout [Tutorial]

Let’s get straight to it.
Firstly wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as you usually would. Towel dry your hair slightly, leaving it slightly damp.
Before you thermo blow dry, apply a heat protectant to your hair. Do this especially if your hair is heat sensitive or frizzy!
You don’t have to apply a lot of the heat protectant, make sure you that your roots have their fair share although not too much.
Now blow dry your hair, shaping it as you go and putting your fingers through as much of your hair as possible to prevent any of the moisture sticking it together. While blow drying make sure that you only blow dry in a downwards fashion, otherwise you will cause more “frizz” in your hair and will have to start from scratch.
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Once you have blow dried your hair, add a little more heat protector as most of it will have been absorbed by your hair while you were blow drying it. Make sure that you apply it right to the tips of your hair.
Add a nozzle to your blow dryer so that you can give a more directional air-flow which is great for adding volume.
For the sides of our hair, take smaller sections of your hair. Start by brushing it a few times and wrapping it around your brush, then slowly rolling it off of your brush while blow drying it and let it fall.
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Now we will be focusing on the top of our hair. Start by brushing the top of your hair to one side, rolling it up and clipping it together. Now take the back of your hair, and brush it upwards, wrapping sections around your brush and blow drying it like we did to the sides of our hair. Unclip the top of your hair and do the exact same thing.
You’re done! Finish up your hair by adding a little volumizing hair wax to your hair, starting from the roots and working your way to the tips. Your hair is now full of volume!