Visitor Question: What do you get with the eBook? -

Visitor Question: What do you get with the eBook?

I noticed hair loss in the beginning of January or end of December. I have thick beautiful hair, but started fooling with it about 6 – 12 months ago – ironing, blow drying, almost everyday as well as thinning it out every three to six months or so. I believe I may have damaged my hair, but I’m not sure because the loss seems to have a pattern to it and some people have told me that hair thinning or loss is typical as you get older.
Anyway, before purchasing your eBook – I would like a bit of information on the idea on destroying your hair to rebuild your hair. That scares me a bit.
Should I see a doctor or nutritionist to help me in this process or is your eBook sufficient?
Lastly, if I don’t want the subliminal messages – is the eBook still $47.00?

There is no destruction of the hair involved. Part of the methodology involves exfoliating the scalp, which removes years of built-up cosmetics, pollution and other materials, which combine with sebum and dead skin cells, clogging the pores and in some cases forming a plaque on the scalp. So to begin with you’ll follow a procedure that completely renews your scalp skin. After that there are several stages of intense hair nourishment, using a custom hair growth tonic, increasing of blood circulation in the scalp (which brings nutrients to the hair) and a nutrition program.
The audio files come free with the eBook and are used in conjunction with the stress reduction chapter. These are worth having. You can play them quietly in the background while you sleep to sleep deeply and restfully or you can use them to reduce your stress levels when you need to. With the $47 you also get lifetime access to the members forum, plus free copies of future releases of the eBook for life. A new edition of the eBook is about to be released and there is an advance preview of the new edition available now in the private members forum.
I would also advise seeing a doctor, if you are concerned there is an underlying cause to your hair loss (such as an untreated condition). If you feel under the weather at all, I would certainly recommend this. You won’t need to see a nutritionist — there is a chapter dedicated to nutrition in the eBook, which explains how to improve health, balance hormones, reduce stress and feed your hair using healthy, natural foods. There is also liver cleanse and bowel cleanse instructions, which is part of the same process of getting your body back to how it was before the hair loss began.
All the best,