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What a Holy Man Holding his Hand in the Air for 39 Years Can Teach us About Hair Loss

A holy man called Sadhu Amar Bharati has held his right hand up above his head for over forty years to show his dedication to his religion (or he might be slightly mad). Here’s what his hand looks like:
Indian man held hand up for years
His hand is almost dead and completely unusable. And has been for many years.
Why have I told you this?
One of the worries people talk to me about is touching and washing their hair. Because people see hairs on their hands and in the plug hole when they shower and brush their hair, they associate any act of touching their hair with hair loss.
You can understand why people do this, but in fact it’s totally counter-productive.
Think of your scalp like the holy man’s hand. The worst thing you can do is leave it hanging up in the air all day, everyday for year after year. But that’s exactly what you’ve been doing!
If you want to regrow your hair you have to completely change the way you treat your scalp – you have to invigorate it, not neglect it.
This is exactly what I do with the Dermaroller and the scalp brushes. Dermarolling the scalp is like bringing it back to life. Mildly wounding the scalp increases blood circulation, collagen production and delivery of nutrients to the hair.
So the lesson today is: treat your scalp like the reverse of the holy man’s hand. Encourage blood to flow to your scalp rather than discouraging it. Otherwise your scalp will end up like the holy man’s hand – completely dead.
In my complete download I show you the following:

  • How to use the Dermaroller along with IGF-1 and Panax Gingseng to cause intense cell production in your scalp
  • How to use niacin to send a massive dose of keratin building and hair nourishing nutrients to your scalp
  • How to perform my Scalp Skin Reset, which completely renews the scalp and unclogs the pores
  • How to improve overall blood circulation and encourage blood to flow to your skin all day, keeping it healthy and invigorated

One of the most important things for hair growth is a strong supply of blood right to the surface of your scalp. The more you can encourage blood to flow to your scalps surface the better. And the ‘more alive’ your scalp is the stronger your hair will be and the less it will fall out. It will grow faster, stronger, healthier, longer and thicker.
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