How to Stop and Reverse Post Pregnancy Hair Loss -

How to Stop and Reverse Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

How to treat post pregnancy hair loss

I am losing hair after pregnancy. Can I reverse it?

Hair loss after pregnancy is quite common. It is caused by hormonal changes that cause the growth phases of the hair to go out of sync. As a result you can experience excess hair loss some months after giving birth.
Usually the hair growth phases will get back into sync and the hair will regain its original thickness but sometimes this does not occur and the hair can remain thin or get even thinner.
The condition can be worsened by increased stress and reduced sleep (due to caring for the baby at night). The combination of increased stress and much less sleep can result in a reduction of nutrients available to feed the hair because the body is drained of nutrients.

The best way to treat hair loss after pregnancy

Post-pregancy hair loss can treated with a healthy diet, stress management (including some exercise, quality sleep and relaxation time) and the use of some nutrient rich superfoods that feed the hair, helping it grow and remain in the growth phase for longer.
To kick start your hair back into growth, I would recommend feeding the hair with the special combination of nutrients I describe in the nutrition section of my eBook. I also explain how to use two very special superfoods that together help improve hormonal balance and increase the hairs growth phase. This is precisely what you need to get your hair growing thick again post-pregnancy.
If you are suffering from stress or finding it hard to wind down after a hectic day, leave the stress-relieving audio programme (which comes free with my eBook) running in the background while you relax or go about your day and follow my stress relief tips to help you wind down and maximise your relaxation time.
In my eBook I also explain several special Yoga moves that help improve digestion, blood circulation and further relieve stress, to help further improve health and the condition of your hair.
Some of the instructions in the eBook are designed for people suffering severe hair loss and will be too extreme for you. Ignore Step 1, which is all about the scalp and concentrate on the nutrition and stress chapters. Some of the instructions in the circulation chapter will help boost your hair growth but some of this will also be too extreme for you.