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What Does 100 Hairs Look Like? Male and Female Examples

If you were to lose 100 hairs every day without new hairs growing to replace them you would lose all your hair in less than 3 years!

That sounds shocking I know, but let’s now understand that statement..

Every hair is growing in a cycle.

When you lose hairs the old ones usually get replaced within around 6 months and they stay in the growth phase for several years.

The problem is, some people experience increased shedding, which leads to thin hair and even baldness in time.

This can be prevented by understanding how to control hair growth and prevent shedding.

Hair transitions from the growing phase to the shedding phase because of a growth factor called Transforming Growth Factor. To keep your hair in the growth phase (and therefore make your hair thcker and longer) you need to reduce the transforming growth factors (TGFs) in your scalp and increase the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).

VEGF keeps your hair in the growth phase. TGFs cause your hair to fall out. So we need to increase VEGF and decrease TGFs.

How can you keep your hair in the growth phase and prevent shedding?

This is actually quite easy and there are several proven treatments that keep the hair in the growth phase.

You can do it very easily using something like the Growth Factors serum, which is designed to do exactly this. It reduces TGFs and increases VEGF in the scalp, preventing shedding and keeping the hair in the growth stage.

How many hairs is it normal to lose per day?

It’s normal to lose about 50 to 100 hairs per day on average. Hair shedding is a natural part of the hair growth cycle, and these lost hairs are usually replaced by new ones. If you motice increased shedding, do something about it straight away. The quicker you act to prevent it the easier it is to restore your hair health and thickeness — and with today’s proven treatments it’s not difficult. The difficulty arrises when you leave it too long.

Am I losing my hair?

If you suddenly notice significantly more hairs being shed than normal you’re probably experiencing some thinning. This could be temporary and your hair thickness might restore naturally. Stress can cause an increase in shedding. Hormonal changes, medications and minor nutrient deficiencies can also cause sudden increased shedding.

What can you do about it?

Whether the hair loss is temporary or not it’s worth doing something about it straight away to put your mind at ease. Don’t wait until it gets much worse. Instead be proactive.

Do this:

1. Start using a hair growth stimulating serum like the Growth Factors serum

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The Growth Factors serum has been shown to stop shedding within 6 days and start stimulating hair regrowth within 3 months. The ingredients increase ‘growth factors’ in the scalp, which keep the hair in the growth stage of the hair growth cycle, therefore preventing shedding. There’s nothing more effective in the world than this for preventing shedding and increasing hair growth. Plus it’s not expensive. So this is my number 1 recommendation. It will put your mind at ease which may help reduce the stress of seeing your hair falling out. The shedding will stop quickly and the lost hair will be restored in months. You should also see an improvement to your hair health and thickness. The more you use it the better your hair will get.

2. Improve your diet

Make sure you eat a lot of dark green leafy vegetables like spinach every day as well as a variety of other vegetables. Consider having a teaspoon of essential fatty acid oil each day and one organic green drink. Basically, get as many vegetables into your body as possible! But having a natural EFA oil supplement and an organic green drink every day is a really good idea.

3. Get your iron levels checked

Go to a doctor and say your hair is falling out and you’d like a blood test to check your iron levels. The doctor may find that you’re deficient and can prescribe an iron supplement.

4. Practise calmness several times per day

Stop what you’re doing at least 5 times per day and notice how tense your shoulders are. Do it now. Are your shoulders tense right now? Take a deep breath, as deep as you can, and slowly exhale while allowing your shoulders to relax as much as you can. Try to allow your whole body to go loose and relaxed. Close your eyes and repeat. In your head very slowly say say “I am calm, I am relaxed, I release all stress and feel completely relaxed”. You can make up your own statements, but the idea is you’re saying something very comforting to yourself to help you relax.

Try to repeat this exercise as often as possible! Reducing your stress hormone levels will have a huge positive impact on your hair.

If you want to download an amazing guided audio that will help you completely relax whenever you want to try the SleepOptimized anxiety reduction guided audio — it’s amazing. It completely relaxes you in minutes.

What does 100 hair look like for a male (short hair)?

If you have short hair and you want to know if you’re losing more than 100 hairs per day it’s quite easy. Don’t apply any product to your hair after showering in the morning. Then at around dinner time, apply some hard wax to your hair if you have any, or wet your hands just slightly to make them grippy and firmly push your hands over your scalp as if you were waxing or gelling your hair. Now, look at your hands. If you have more than about 10 hairs on your hands you’re probably losing your hair.

This hair loss may be temporary or it may be the start of baldness.

Follow the four steps I described above immediately! This will literally save your hair, if you act fast. Believe me I wish I had done this twenty years ago!

What does 100 hair look like for a female (long hair)?

If you’re not sure if you’re losing more than the normal 50-100 hairs per day, try this:

Wash your hair. When you massage the shampoo all through your hair, take the hairs that come off in your hands and stick them to the wall or other tiled surface. Repeat this process several times as you wash and rinse your hair with your hands.

From that you should be able to do a very approximate count of the hairs. If there are more than 50 hairs you are probably experiencing increased shedding.

This often happens after pregnancy. It can also happen if you’re stressed, or your hormone levels are changing.

What should you do?

Follow the 4 steps I describe above immediately! Like, right now. Following these four steps practically guarantees you’ll be able to maintain or even increase the thickness and health of your hair.

What can you do to stop the shedding?

There’s one reasonably sure fire way to stop the shedding and regain the lost hair and that’s to use a product like the Hair Follicle Neogenesis Growth Gactors serum, which is designed to stop shedding in 6 days and begin stimulating new hair growth over a period of months. With continued use it’s possible to significantly increase the hair thickness and health, as many of it’s uses have reported.