What foods should I avoid and consume to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT?

What foods should I avoid and consume to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT?

Thanks for your question. The answer to this is a little more complex than you might think. There are foods that you can consume that inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT. But really, you don’t want to have to do that. Ideally you wouldn’t need to.

The three factors that lead to excess DHT

If you want to reduce DHT levels, your goals should be orientated around these three problems:

  • Poor liver efficiency / over worked liver
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress

If you have healthy hormonal balance you should have healthy DHT levels: levels that will not cause hair loss. So really, if you want to know what foods you need to eat/avoid to inhibit DHT levels, you need to know what foods you need to eat/avoid to attain healthy hormonal balance.

These would primarily be foods that detoxify and strengthen the liver and foods that rebuild prostaglandin numbers. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as “eat these foods twice a day for three weeks and your liver will be at maximum strength and your hormones will be perfectly balanced”. It’s more difficult than that. If you want to achieve these two goals you’ll need a specific well thought out programme, like the one in my eBook.

In my eBook I explain how to:

  • Detoxify and maximise the strength of your liver using a 28 day procedure
  • Balance your hormones by rebuilding prostaglandin numbers
  • Change the way you deal with stress to minimise hormonal surges

While doing these three things will help reduce DHT levels by eliminating the underlying causes or excess DHT, I also show you several cheap foods you can consume to directly inhibit testosterone to DHT conversion by blocking the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase.

You could simply use these foods to inhibit DHT levels but it’s far better to combat this problem at the source. There are several other things that you can and should do to reduce DHT levels: other factors that help improve hormonal balance. These are all explained in my eBook.

The eBook is a hundred pages long, yet it is written in very concise language, so it is jam packed with information. I don’t babble on in the eBook like I tend to do on this blog. The eBook is strictly hard hitting instructions that achieve results. So if you want to eliminate the underlying causes of hair loss, one by one, grab a copy today, while it’s still half price.

Thanks for your time and feel free to ask me any more questions.

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  1. Hi Chirag,

    In order to reduce DHT in the short term, you might try saw palmetto. In the long term though, you need to improve your liver efficiency, balance your hormones, reduce stress and remove the built up DHT from your scalp.

    All of this is explained in the eBook, which you can download from here:


  2. i kinda have terrible hairfall for example i find around 20 hair on pillow after i wake up… my hair diameter has also reduced……wat should i do to reduce the dht and if possible eliminate it totally…..also is it possible to grow fallen hair back….?
    thank you in advance……..

  3. am in love wit a gal.. she told this to her mom..my gal’s mobile was seized…no contact now..am afraid that she ll leave me….because she speaks onced in a week,, she says she can talk 1 min for a week ,,,her mom only important…ma thinking of her every time,,,cant sleep…cant eat,,,,scared that she ll go from me….is this stress…. now i loss nearly 100 hair a day…me deeply thinking of this daily….

    1. Hi Yogesh,

      Studies have show stress can cause hair loss. It can also cause a depletion in key nutrients needed for hair growth. I’d recommend an advanced hair nutrition programme. You can use a cortsisol blocker to reduce the impact of stress on your body and techniques such as subliminal mind training and EFT to reduce your stress levels.

      I’ve emailed you with some details of how to increase the nutrient supply to your hair by increasing blood supply to the follicles.


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