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What is "Marilex" (the Marine Extract Ingredient in Nourkrin) and what does it do?

Nourkrin hair loss supplement
Do you ever find it annoying when supplement manufacturers don’t properly label their ingredients? It always makes me suspicious and I’m not sure how they get away with it.
I kind of think the ingredients list on a product should be just that: ingredients. Not ambiguous descriptions that hint at what the ingredients might be and not registered trademarks that hide what the actual ingredients are; just the actual ingredients.
The main active ingredient in the Nourkrin hair loss supplements is called “Marilex®”. It’s also sometimes referred to as “Marine Extract” or “Extract Compound of Marine Origin”. But what is it? And why don’t they just label the ingredients correctly?

What is the Extract Compound of Marine Origin in Nourkrin?

The Marine Extract in Nourkrin is ‘shark cartilage’.

Shark cartilage is a dietary supplement made from the dried and powdered cartilage of a shark; that is, from the tough material that composes a shark’s skeleton.

However there may be a good reason why Nourkrin hide the the fact that their main active ingredient is shark cartilage. Here’s something I found out from Cancer Research UK:

Most researchers agree that the protein molecules in shark cartilage powders are too big for the digestive system to absorb. So shark cartilage that you swallow is not likely to be absorbed into the body.

It’s interesting that Cancer Research UK (a major charity who spend millions of pounds on research) are saying that the main ingredient in Nourkrin hair loss supplements cannot be absorbed by the human digestive system, according to “most researchers”.

Are their any risks associated with Nourkrin Supplementation?

Only if you’re allergic to shark. Other than that, providing you follow the product instructions, you should be pretty safe.
I got in touch with Nourkrin to ask them about their supplement. Here’s what they said:

We do not recommend you take the Nourkrin if you allergic to fish as the Nourkrin has marine extract in. The marine extract is shark cartilage.

Not recommended for those allergic to fish.

Why are Nourkrin using shark cartilage in their world-renowned hair growth supplements?

Hair is made of something called keratin. Keratin is made from “amino acids”, specifically cysteine, arginine, lysine, methionine and several others. The body delivers these amino acids to the scalp via the blood stream. When they reach the hair follicle the amino acids go through a process of “keratinization” — where they change from amino acids into keratin as they emerge from the scalp.
Nourkrin are providing those amino acids in the form of a supplement to help feed the hair. By increasing your intake of key amino acids you increase your intake of the food your hair needs to grow; providing your body can absorb the protein molecules.

The crucial MISSING LINK to feeding hair and increasing hair growth

Increase supply of nutrients to hair
The key is to consume high doses of cysteine, arginine, lysine and the other key amino acids that grow hair and crucially to increase blood flow to the scalp in order to deliver those amino acids to the hair follicles.
Once you know exactly which nutrients your hair needs to grow and which supporting nutrients your body needs to support hair growth it’s simply a case of making sure you consume and absorb those nutrients in high quantities. However there is something more important than the consumption of the correct nutrients — you need to make sure those nutrients are being delivered to the hair follicles.
It’s crucial to increase the supply of blood to the follicles because this is often the missing link for hair loss sufferers — a weak supply of blood to the follicles and therefore a weak supply of amino acids. If your hair is not receiving a strong supply of blood, it’s simply not receiving an adequate supply of nutrients it needs to grow.

How to massively increase nutrient supply to the hair follicles

Increase blood supply to feed hair

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