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What is the Best Blender for Creating Super Healthy Smoothies and Vegetable Drinks?

In my book I explain how to make my Hair Growth Smoothie, which I recommend my readers drink at least three times a week for breakfast. It’s a nutrient packed low-sugar smoothie containing a large helping of amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals that help your body grow hair. Since I was discussing smoothies and blenders in the forum we got on to talking about what is the best blender to use and whether or not you should use a juicer. Well, I whole heartedly recommend using a blender over a juicer because a blender gives you the fibre, not just the juice and you can add things like egg yolks and oils.
So, after doing some research, here are my top ten recommendations. If you’re strapped for time, go for a single serving blender. If you’ve got stacks of cash, you’ll be spoilt for choice with some of the ultimate blending machines…

  • Ninja Professional (NJ600) Powerful Durable Expensive Blender

    Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender

    Around $100

    • 72oz capacity
    • Effectively crushes ice, whole fruits and vegetables
    • 1000 watt motor

    Buy online (USA)

    Buy online (UK)

  • Cuisinart CBT-700 PowerEdge Die-Cast Blender

    Cuisinart CBT-700 Power Blender

    Around $130

    • 56 oz blender jar
    • Dishwasher safe
    • A wide range of functions, including smoothie and ice crush

    Buy online (USA)

    Buy online (UK)

  • Vitamix 6000 64 oz. Large Automatic High Quality Blender

    Vitamix 6000

    Around $500

    • 12-in-1 blender and food processor
    • Ideal for preserving the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables
    • Can also be used to make ice cream/sorbet and grind wheat

    Buy online (USA)

    Buy online (UK)

  • Blendtec Total Best Blender in the World

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    Blendtec Total Blender

    Around $400

    • 1560-watt blender with 3HP direct-drive motor
    • Ideal for ice crushing and very smooth vegetable/fruit juices – 29,000 rpm, stainless steel blades
    • Reasonably sized (7/8/15/5 inches), for every countertop

    Buy online (USA)

    Buy online (UK)

  • Tom Dickinson Extreme Blender

    Tom Dickinson Extreme Blender

    Around $1,000

    • Comes with 10-year warranty
    • Very easy to use – a one-button control starts the cycle, whether you’re preparing a smoothie, fruit juice or milkshake
    • High end, 2400-watt motor

  • Hamilton Beach Cheap Durable Blender and Chopper

    Hamilton Beach Blender and Chopper

    Around $50

    • The Revolutionary Wave-Action system is ideal for very smooth mixtures with no ice chunks
    • Stainless steel blades
    • Blades and jar are dishwasher saafe

    Buy online (USA)

    Buy online (UK)

  • Oster 4096 Classic Beehive Design Blender

    Oster Beehive Blender

    Around $70

    • 600-watt motor
    • Thermal shock tested, dishwasher safe glass jar
    • Die-cast construction

    Buy online (USA)

    Buy online (UK)

  • Single Serve Rocket Blender

    GE Housewares Single Serve Blender

    Around $40

    • Equipped with blades for grinding, chopping and mixing
    • Comfort lip rings for easy drinking from cups
    • Cups can be fitted with lids for convenient storage and carrying
    • Cups and lids are easy to clean and dishwasher safe

    Buy online (USA)

    Buy online (UK)

  • Breville Hemisphere Die Cast 2 speed blender

    Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

    Around $200

    • The central blades draw down the bits at the top for incredibly smooth drinks
    • Five speed control feature
    • Shatter resistant, equipped with LCD timer
    • Pre-programmed settings according to the different ingredients used

    Buy online (USA)

    Buy online (UK)

  • Vitamix 5202 ultimate best Blender

    Vitamix 5202 XL Blender System

    Around $2,200

    • Programmable speed
    • Comes with two plastic containers – 1.5 gallons and 64 oz
    • 4.2 HP motor for heavy viscosity blending (e.g. tomato juice)
    • Blends both hot and cold ingredients
    • Blends up to 24 servings at a time
    • Compact
    • Silent

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