What is the best men's hair style in the world? VOTE HERE

What is the best men’s hair style in the world? VOTE HERE

I’m conducting a poll in an effort to determine what people consider to be the best men’s hair style. If you have a spare minute, please pick your favorite hair style from the below 11 options. If you think they’re all terrible add a comment.

Thank you.

Johnny Depp short spikey Johnny Depp short brown spikey hair

Brad Pitt medium length Brad Pitt medium length blonde hair 90s

George Clooney short smart George Clooney Short hair cut

Bradley Cooper slicked back Bradley Cooper slicked back long hair

Lenny Kravitz medium afro Lenny Kravitz afro

Leonardo Dicaprio back styled Leonardo Dicaprio young lighter hair

Ryan Gosling side parting Ryan Gosling side parting

Skeet Ulrich forward fringe Skeet Ulrich straight short hair

Will Smith short crop Will Smith short cropped hair

Channing Tatum crew cut Channing Tatum short crew cut

Heath Ledger wavey long Heath Ledger long curly wavy blonde hair young

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