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What’s the Best Shampoo for Hair Loss?

By shampooing the ingredients in these shampoos into your scalp every day it’s possible to stimulate new hair growth. I’ve examined hundreds of products and listed here the ones with ingredients that are proven to fight hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Some of these are extremely effective.

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Last updated: Jun 28, 2020
  • Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo

    Most powerful shampoo for male pattern baldness

    Around $11 for 3.5oz

    Please note: Nizoral is only the best shampoo for treating male pattern baldness. This is due to a high concentration of the ingredient ketoconazole. If you don’t have male pattern baldness, you should use one of the other shampoos in this list.

    • Contains 2% ketoconazole — the highest available concentration and therefore probably the most effective for fighting against male pattern baldness.

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  • Revita hair loss shampoo

    DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

    Around $50 for 205ml

    Sadly DS Labs have changed their formula and it is a far less effective shampoo now. It used to be the best hair loss shampoo but now I’d recommend one of the others.

    • Contains emu oil, which contains nutrients and may help nutrient absorption
    • Contains taurine, which together with cysteine is thought to promote hair growth
    • Contains caffeine and carnitine tartrate, which may increase cell energy in scalp, increasing hair growth

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  • Vitamins Gold Label Hair Growth Shampoo

    Vitamins Gold Label Hair Growth Shampoo

    Around $35 for 10oz

    • Contains aloe vera which, studies show may improve hair/scalp health
    • Contains apple cider vinegar, which is widely thought to improve scalp health by removing common scalp conditions
    • Arginine is an amino acid which may help improve blood circulation
    • Biotin contains sulfur, which is required to make hair keratin
    • Caffeine has been shown in studies to boost hair growth
    • Green tea has been shown to inhibit DHT (the primary cause of male pattern baldness)
    • Vitamin D is essential for hair growth — low vitamin D levels may cause hair loss
    • Saw palmetto is believed to inhibit the production of DHT
    • Caviar extract is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals
    • Contains oleanolic acid, which may increase growth factors in the scalp, increasing hair growth


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