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Why do bald guys still have the hair on the back and sides, but no-where else?

Have you ever noticed that bald guys never lose the hair just above their ears and above the back of the neck?
No matter how long they’ve been bald for, they never lose this part of their hair. And there’s a good reason for this.
We all have muscles, called “galea muscles” on the back and sides of our heads. These muscles are used when we talk and chew.
Like all muscles, they require a blood supply in order to function. And because there is a blood supply to these muscles, the hair around them also receives a blood supply and therefore continues to grow many years after the hair on the top of the head has become dormant.
For the hair on the top of the head however, it’s a different story: Blood supply is much weaker – especially around the crown and above the temples, where hair often recedes. The blood supply in these areas becomes extremely restricted in the scalps of people who experience hair loss.
This is almost certainly why men experience hair loss in the characteristic pattern that we call male pattern baldness. If there is a poor supply of blood to those areas, not only will the hair receive a poor nutrient supply, it may also experience a build-up of DHT, because blood will not be able to carry DHT away as it flows through the blood vessels in the scalp.
What can you do about this?
It’s very simple. The muscles in the back and sides of the head are active and therefore hair continues to grow. So, make the muscles and blood vessels on the top of the head active as well.
I show you how to do this using the Dermaroller and Niacin in the download linked below. But you can start right now with a simple massage technique:
Make sure your hands are clean and your hair is clean and dry. Apply your fingertips to the sides of your head, about one inch above your ears. Push them in and move them around in a circular motion, so that your scalp skin moves around.
Move your fingers up and repeat this action over the top of your head. Do this for five minutes.
You probably don’t want to have to do this everyday for the rest of your life though! Which is why I’ve dedicated a chapter of my eBook to properly improving your blood circulation by eliminating the underlying causes of poor circulation in the scalp.
Download it now
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