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Why don’t homeless people lose their hair?

Have you ever noticed homeless men quite often have very thick full hair despite the fact they live incredibly unhealthy lifestyles and rarely ever wash their hair? There may be a good reason for that, which might explain how you can prevent or even reverse your own hair loss.


Homeless people often drink heavily, take drugs, eat incredibly unhealthily and rarely wash their hair. These are all things that supposed health gurus recommend avoiding if you want healthy hair.

In fact many health gurus seem to think that following a healthy diet, avoiding toxins and washing your hair regularly are very important for maintining full, healthy hair.

But clearly the health gurus are completely wrong.

A quick glance at any average homeless man will show you very quickly that good hygeine, a healthy diet and avoiding toxins are not at all important for preventing hair loss.

So what the deuce is going on here?

To learn why homeless men don’t tend to lose their hair and conversly many rich, seemingly healthy men, including prominent health gurus, lose their hair quite young we need to understand what causes hair loss.

The most siginficant causes of hair loss by an absolute mile are the male androgen hormone DHT and the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

Extremely low stress and androgen hormone levels may explain why homeless men often have such thick hair

Think about this. Why do people become homeless? It’s often related to drugs, alcohol and mental health reasons. However, one thing we can assume about homeless people — one way in which they siginficantly differ from normal people — is that I strongly suspect homeless men naturally produce extremely small amounts of stress hormones.

Why do I suspect this?

Well, think about it. If you were on the verge of becoming homeless you would become so stressed that you’d do anything to prevent it from happening. Your tendency to get stressed very easily has both prevented you from becoming homeless and caused your hair loss.

Likewise, the male androgen hormone testosterone drives men to work hard. Having very low testosterone levels will both reduce a mans drive to keep a job and prevent him from losing his hair.

Therefore these two hormones can explain both why some men are more likely to become homeless and why they’re less likely to lose they’re hair.

Seems pretty cut and dry if you ask me.

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