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Wick & Strom Hair Loss Vitamins Reviews

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Last updated: Feb 24, 2020

What it is

Wick and Strom hair loss supplement
These vitamins contain only natural ingredients and have been developed with the sole goal of preventing future hair loss through supplying the scalp with nutrients and vitamins that it needs to produce healthy hair.

How it works

These vitamins prevent hair loss through the use of DHT blockers as well as using vitamins which have been proven are necessary for the scalp’s health.


  • Includes biotin
  • Contains saw palmetto, which has been proven to prevent the future conversion of testosterone to DHT
  • Includes only natural ingredients such as saw palmetto, vitamins (E,A, C, B6, and B12), Keratin, Magnesium, Zinc, and many others
  • If you don’t see results after 60 days, get your money back!