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Will Hair Grow Back After Hair Loss Due to Dandruff?

Dandruff is unlikely to cause hair loss, except in severe cases. It’s more likely that you have a far more common cause of hair loss called ‘Androgenic Alopecia’.

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Last updated: Dec 29, 2019

Fortunately one of the most widely used treatments for dandruff is also a treatment for Androgenic Alopecia (AA).

Nizoral Ketoconazole Shampoo

AA is a common form of hair loss that’s caused by androgen hormones. The treatment for dandruff — ketoconazole — also has anti-androgen properties. Therefore using a ketoconazole shampoo two to three times per week is a good first step towards ending your hair loss.

Act quickly to minimize Hair loss

If AA is allowed to continue for more than a few years it’s likely that the lost hair follicles will become too damaged to be recovered. So if you have recently noticed your hair thinning it’s important to prevent androgen hormones from causing further hair loss by protecting your hair from the androgen hormone DHT. To do this you can use a mild anti-androgen such as Nizoral shampoo (which contains ketoconazole) but it’s unlikely to have enough effect to completely stop hair loss.

If your hair loss continues after a month of using Nizoral, consider using a topical hair loss treatment that contains Minoxidil and other anti-hair-loss ingredients. Minoxidil improves blood circulation in the scalp, which helps increase the nutrient supply to the hair follicles. It’s also a very mild anti-androgen so will help with Androgenic Alopecia (AA).

Minoxidil and Nizoral might be all you need to prevent further hair loss. However, they won’t recover the hairs you’ve already lost. So if your hair is noticeably thinner and you want to make it thicker, you’ll have to generate new hair follicles using a method called wound-induced hair follicle neogenesis.

It sounds complicated but it’s not really. Hair follicle neogenesis is really the only way you can grow more hair from home, without having to have a medical procedure.

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