The World's Most Beautiful Women... With No Hair

The World’s Most Beautiful Women… With No Hair

Famous women with hair loss

A digital artist from Paris has used the graphic design program Photoshop to make the world’s most famous women look bald. Jacques Gagne, a graphic designer and artist living in Paris said in explanation of the art,

So much time, attention and money goes into making these women look beautiful. It is the obsession of our time. I asked myself, what if I take away an element of their beauty? Are they still beautiful? Does it matter? Are we correct to be so obsessed?

Gagne explained that it’s important we don’t worship women for their beauty.

To be so superficial makes us shallow, but worse than that; when you see that someone like Kylie Jenner is a billionaire without doing anything except getting some cosmetic surgery, it makes you realize how obsessed our society is with precisely the thing we teach our children to not be obsessed with: that exterior beauty is more important than inner beauty and worse than that, it can be bought and traded as a commodity. I wanted to tear that fecade down, if only for a moment, and show that these women are nothing special. The people who are special are the ambulance drivers who save lives and the teachers who raise and educate generations.

So, what do you think? Are these women still beautiful without any hair?

Beyonce hair loss

Taylor Swift hair loss

Kylie Jenner hair loss

Kim Kardashian hilarious bald picture

Emma Watson hair loss

Jennifer Aniston hair loss

Maralyn Munroe with no hair

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Grace Kelly with no hair

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