World's Best Hair Dryers -

World's Best Hair Dryers

Every woman needs a hairdryer, and the best one is preferably one that will be able to get you through those bad hair days, those frizzy moments, and most of all help to tease the tangles by providing you with the ultimate in dry, sleek hair. It’s amazing just how well a hairdryer can tame your hair when used correctly, and many hair straightener addicts really wouldn’t need to use their straightening irons, if they took time out to invest in a hairdryer that can tame those lovely locks.
We have been doing a little of research and have come up with a list of 10 of the world’s top hairdryers that will be able to have you waving good-bye to those bad hair days. What’s more is there are hairdryers on here that can fit into any budget so the best doesn’t necessarily mean splashing out and going in the red! You will be able to pick up a good hairdryer to suit your needs that falls into your budget as well.

  • Croc Hybrid Hairdryer

    Croc Hybrid Hair Dryer

    Around $160

    The Croc Hybrid Hair Dryer dotes that it is easy to use, light weight, and uses state of the art technology to leave hair feeling silky and looking shiny at the end of use.

    • Powerful ionizer delivers a stream of three million negative ions
    • Two speed settings
    • Three temperature settings
    • Ion On and Off switch
    • Cap with noise reducer

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  • Turbo Power Twin Turbo Ionic 3000 Hair Dryer

    Turbo Power Twin Turbo Ionic 3000 Hair Dryer

    Around $125

    The Turbo Power 3000 Ionic Hair Dryer uses a patented technology that is intended to reduce the amount of stress and electricity on the hair. This is intended to leave hair super shiny, frizz free, and feeling well-conditioned.

    • Four heat settings with two different speed settings
    • Reduces static electricity
    • Lightweight
    • Nine foot cord
    • Comes with two nozzles
    • Removable stainless steel filter

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  • Babyliss Pro Titanium Volare Hairdryer

    Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Volare V1 Full-Size Hair Dryer

    Around $170

    The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Volare v1 Full-Size Dryer that is equipped with a Ferrari-Design Engine is an efficient hair dryer that emits a strong burst of air pressure.

    • Turbo shot button- delivers instant burst of air to the hair
    • 2000 watts
    • Six heat and speed controls
    • Limited four year warranty
    • Cold air feature

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  • Metropolis 7060 New York Hairdryer

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    Metropolis New York Iconic Hair Dryer 7060 with Diffuser

    Around $142

    The Metropolis New York Iconic hair dryer is designed to dry your hair quicker, while leaving your hair feeling silky, soft, and free from unwanted frizz. Made from ceramic materials and a mixture of a rare organic material, known as Hwangto, this hair dryer contains deodorizing and detoxifying properties.

    • 2 heat settings and 2 speed settings
    • Powerful motor
    • Includes a diffuser and two additional nozzles
    • eco-friendly engineering
    • one year manufacturer warranty

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  • Kadori LIA 2500 Hairdryer

    Kadori Professional Salon L.I.A 2500 hair dryer

    Around $170

    • Ionic technology
    • Infrared technology
    • Variable temperature and cool shot

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  • Rusk CTC Lite Dryer

    The Rusc CTC Lite Hairdryer

    Around $90

    This amazing dryer has seven fantastic heat settings, a cool shot button and a whopping 9-foot power cord to plug it in. It’s perfect to tame your locks! It is also perfectly priced at just under $90. What more could you ask for?

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  • T3 Bespoke 838-SE Featherweight Professional Ionic Dryer

    The T3 Bespoke 838-SE Featherweight Professional Ionic Dryer

    Around $129

    Now this is a hairdryer that is a little on the pricey side, but many women would swear by it. In fact, the cost is around $240. Yes, not as cheap as the others on here but it is a sophisticated unit and can have your locks looking sleek in no time. In fact, some women claim that it takes only 10 minutes to have their much desired blow dried hair. That’s not forgetting to mention that the ions add shine and moisture. It has two speed settings and is very lightweight, so it’s easy on the arm as well!

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  • Bed Head Bh407 1875 Watt Ionic Turbo Dryer

    TIGI Bed Head BH407 1875 Ionic Turbo Dryer

    Around $28

    There is no need to have that frizzy hair that has you looking like you just stepped out of bed with TIGIs bed Head hair dryer. It is a very gentle and subtle hairdryer and certainly will not damage your hair. The price, well it’s amazing because this lovely hairdryer is priced up at under $30! It has two speed settings that both work very well.

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  • Vidal Sassoon VS547 Ion Select Full Size Dryer

    The Vidal Sassoon VS547 1875 Watt Professional Full Size Ionic Dryer

    Around $18

    Without a doubt, this hair dryer is fantastic. It dries out your hair thoroughly and leaves it feeling soft and bouncy, minus the dreaded frizz. A lot of women who have used it say it is so good that they have never had their hair feel softer! Also the price is fantastic because this baby can be picked up for under $20. It also has 3 heat settings and 2 speed ones as well!

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  • Vidal Sasson VS784 1875W Ionic Travel Dryer

    The Vidal Sassoon 1875W Ionic Style Dryer

    Well, if you like to tame your locks in style, then this three speed, three heat setting hairdryer is perfect for doing so. Priced up at under $35 it comes along with three attachments, and the design is very modern and sophisticated too. It is well worth the price.

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  • Revlon RV519 1875 Watt Ion Select Dryer, Black

    The Revlon RV519 Hairdryer Ion Select Dryer

    Around $22

    This is a fantastic hairdryer; many of the women who have been lucky to get hold of this neat styling tool have claimed that it cut their hair drying moments by up to 50%! That has got to be great for your energy bill. Furthermore, when the going gets hot, this magical hairdryer offers a very cold shot button so you can cool down the heat in no time at all. It has three heat settings and two speed settings. It is amazingly priced up at just under $25!

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  • Conair Shine Ceramic Turbo 1875 Watts

    Conair Shine Ceramic Turbo 1875 Watts

    Around $29

    Well, if you like girl’s things, this is perfect to snap up. It is coloured in a lovely adorable purple. Not only is the colour perfect it is also perfectly priced at just under $30! The dryer offers users ionic technology, two speed settings, a cool shot button and an amazing fold in half feature, making it compact to store.

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  • CHI GF1541USA Turbo Low EMF Dryer

    The Chi GF1541USA Low EMF Dryer

    Around $111

    Red is a diva colour and this hairdryer is not only coloured well; it works well too. A little pricier at under $110 but some users claim that their locks have never looked as luscious with this hairdryer. It also has a very low sound motor so you don’t need to have a head ache whilst drying your hair. It has a cold shot button and two speed settings. Perfect for treating yourself!

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  • Conair 1875 Watt Turbo Styler with Ionic Conditioning

    Conair 1875 Watt Turbo Styler Complete with Ionic Conditioning

    Around $14

    This hairdryer is coloured in a navy blue and black colour.  It has a diffuser and concentrator. It also has two speed and heat settings. The amazing thing about this is despite many thinking that it is the world’s 2nd best hairdryer- it only costs less than $20! So it goes to show that it’s not all in the price tag. It has a great cool shot button and will have you with hair that looks like you just stepped out of the salon.

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  • GHD Hair dryer

    The GHD Hair dryer

    Around $305

    Priced at just under $305 it is quite steeply priced, but it is an amazing hairdryer to pick up. You will be taken aback by just how great your hair will look after a drying session with this baby. It has an ergogenic design so it doesn’t matter if you are right or left handed- highly advanced ionic technology- a three metre cord to power the dryer and a variety of settings to experiment with as well.

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So, there you have it our list of the world’s top hair dryers! It is up to you to decide though.