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What’s Nicole’s Channel All About? Nicole chose to focus her channel around the different aspects of beauty, fashion and staying fit, as well as using her channel to spread the stories about her life experiences. She uploads once a week and vlogs regularly too. Nicole first joined the YouTube community back in March 2013. Since she has joined, she has managed to reach over 3,200 subscribers as well as over 260,388 video views. While using her channel to inform her viewers of new beauty methods that she has come up with, and new fashion styles that she has seen are growing popular, she also users her channel to give the internet an insight to her life. She does this by creating vlogs about her college life, prom experiences, and even videos related to special holiday such as Easter and Christmas! Nicole’s most viewed YouTube video is her review about the hair product ‘Rogaine’ which claims to regrow hair. In the video she goes on to explain the basics about Rogaine, such as what it is and how it works, as well as showing her viewers how to use it in a demonstration. ]]>