It is likely that DHT is a factor in your hair loss. From my experience you are likely to notice loss of hair numbers before you start to notice the thinning of individual hairs; however it is likely that you will start to notice the thinning of individual hairs in time. As a male with hair loss, DHT is thought to be the most common cause.

I would recommend that you examine your scalp very closely under a good light. If you can see any abnormalities in the skin, or if the skin looks unhealthy in some way, email me back describing the symptom you have observed and I will advise you further. If you don’t notice any abnormalities from your visual examination of the scalp, it’s likely that DHT is your primary cause of hair loss.

I would also recommend giving your scalp a very good wash with a shampoo containing salicylic acid, in order to remove some of the dead skin cells to give your scalp a breather.

But in answer to your question; without any more information all I can tell you is that it is likely that DHT is a cause of your hair loss and if you don’t do anything about it now you will start to notice a reduction in the diameter of individual hairs over the next year or so.

All the best,